The Power of the Internet

The Power of the Internet: It’s like Magic!

There are approximately 4 million people on the planet who still don’t have access to the Internet. However, it’s a big planet and times they are a changing. Since the evolution of the Internet in the 1990s, we’ve come to a considerable distance since its public inception.

Nowadays we use the Internet (those of us that have access to it) for just about everything from hanging out with our friends, living vicariously through their social media feeds, to earning legitimate academic degrees, to meeting your future spouse. The Internet has allowed us to explore the world and cosmos without ever leaving the house. We order a majority of items for ourselves and others from online retail outlets. The Internet connects the majority of the world to everyone else. When technology happens it debuts on the Internet, among inventor peers, usually finding a life on YouTube before the world accepts it. People get funding for their projects through KickStarter. The answer is out there for everything from various sources across the Internet. Robotics, artificial intelligence, to 3D printing, the world has virtually everything and if it wasn’t for the Internet many people would not have access to current events or news feeds. for further details, visit :

The fact that the Internet has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize is something that comes at a time when we depend so wholeheartedly on a technology, because without the Internet,we feel life would us pass by without our inclusion. People don’t think twice about using the Internet, children don’t know what it was like in a world without the Internet, without streaming movies, or access to music without CDs. Today, everything is about the Internet and it continues to grow. We learn about atrocities and wonders going on across the planet. click here for more information.

The Internet is so entrenched in our everyday lives that many people would rather have a mobile phone to communicate with people and access to the social networks than eat. Many people want to use their mobile phones to access the Internet while working. Many college students admit to using their mobile phones to cheat in exams in school. While there is tremendous good brought into many people’s lives because of the Internet. However, there are many things available to people because of the Internet, including access to human trafficking.

The Power of the Internet

Nonetheless, the Internet is here to stay and although there are several agencies that police the world-wide web for illegal and illicit things, there will likely be opportunities for people who are looking for trouble. The meaningful connection with people across the planet has revolutionized many lives and allowed people to come together on a level that is important. The idea that the Internet allows people to be original and utilized as a platform that encourages individual expression. It is a value tool and needs to have responsible people who can allow an opportunity for social and cultural transformation. Eventually, those 4 million people who don’t have access to the Internet will be online. When it happens and we’re all connected, maybe we can finally appreciate the union of humanity and forget our differences.

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